Merra architects is primarily a family business that develops in love and self-giving. We are Andrey and Olga Ivanov, spouses and creators of the studio. Here, as in the family, we are guided by values such as honesty, respect, trust, openness, integrity. After all, we are well aware that understanding between people helps to achieve the goals. We do one common cause

Thanks to a clear division of labour, the work in our studio is structured in such a way that we do not conflict and do not argue, but complement and help each other, because each has their own area of responsibility


Founder of the studio, architect

Head of Construction Department

Olga Ivanova

Andrey Ivanov

The received architectural (Minsk State Architectural and Construction College) and construction engineering education (Belarusian National Technical University) reflect the approach and vision of the process of creating interior design and private construction. Olga checks all stages of design: management of interior concepts and visual direction, 3D visualizations, construction drawings, project implementation. Responsible for developing studio standards and organizing the work process, managing design projects. Engaged in low-rise design, control of project configuration, strategy and advertising activities

He has completed higher education in the field of construction (Gomel State Technical University), economics (Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics), jurisprudence (University of Law and Social Information Technologies). Andrey is responsible for the development and implementation of the design project. Under his management, the organization of construction and installation work at the site, acceptance of completed construction work, drawing up and compliance with the project budget and work schedule, participation in the procurement process within the project, supply of rough materials to the site


We like to create something new and see the result of our work. Watching the happy faces of our clients, how their lives improve after moving to a new home, how their lifestyle changes

We take great pleasure in creating comfortable homes filled with atmosphere and coziness, convenience and warmth. We think through the space, make it functional, pay attention to detail in repairs and decoration. Clients say that we create houses and interiors "for life" and not "for pictures"

By choosing us, you get peace of mind and confidence, as well as a guarantee that everything we agreed on at the very beginning of our journey will be fulfilled and brought to life, because as one great philosopher said: Per aspera ad Astra! What does it mean: through effort to victory (through thorns to the stars)


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    We solve problems that one person cannot handle
    Our personal values have created a broad approach to interior design and architecture. We implement our design projects independently, and also cover all stages of low-rise design (from sketch to executive documentation). You won’t have to look for individual contractors to get a house design, doubt the quality of their work and explain the nuances of your project. You get all related contractors in one place, where the author of the project takes everything into account in the final decision, as well as a reliable team of builders led by Andrey, thanks to which you can quickly and efficiently resolve all issues related to construction. In addition, you get a database of manufacturing suppliers who will carry out your plans with minimal questions to you
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    We meet the client personally
    When addressing us, we meet and talk personally, as well as cooperate inside the project and renovation. We are involved in the process and are committed to creating a comfortable collaboration with you. You know to whom you can contact or ask questions, consult in decision making, get a recommendation from experience
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    We are interested in the end result, so we finish what we started
    The result of our work is the photography of the object with a professional stylist and photographer invited to it, in order to place the resulting material in various editions, to complement their own portfolio, participate in all kinds of competitions and thereby confirm their level of professionalism and competence in the field of design and repair
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    We personally participate in all stages of the project implementation
    The client understands who is responsible for the project and who is responsible for its implementation. There are main authors who make key decisions and can guide the project and implementation in the right direction. As a result, the client receives a holistic interior concept created for him, and a decent quality of repair work
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    We treat project documentation with care
    Thinking about those who will continue to work with our projects. So, creating the project, the team of designers led by Olga, always thinks and takes care that it is to be implemented by a team of builders led by Andrei and that it is necessary to do everything so that there is not a single issue, or minimize them. Give the most complete information by checking several times for errors. After all, project implementation is as important to us as development


  • Our projects are for people. We put the wishes of our clients first and help create comfort and a cozy atmosphere in their homes
  • We are open to everyone
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Caring for those who interact with us
  • Customer trust

We are waiting for you to meet us.
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